10 Best Hearing Impaired Phones: Reviews and Buying Guide

Mobile technology has developed impressively in recent years and its use has become so popular that nowadays it is rare for people who, regardless of their age, do not have a mobile phone. The benefits of these devices are multiple because, in addition to facilitating communication, they provide many other useful utilities, thanks to the development of the applications.

Top 10 Hearing Impaired Phones

However, users with special needs, among them, people with disabilities, whether auditory or otherwise and those of advanced age, still face multiple difficulties in accessing content and services of the information society. equality of conditions.

This initiative, developed by Fundosa Technosite and sponsored by the Vodafone Spain Foundation, has the purpose of helping people with special needs to identify accessible mobile devices that fit their needs and preferences. It is an interactive website that also offers information on support products compatible with different terminals and mobile applications that meet the requirements of universal accessibility and design for all.

The portal publishes news and information on accessibility to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and promotes the active participation of both users and accessibility experts, as well as manufacturers and companies related to mobile technology.

Mobiles for the hearing impaired

Mobile devices use to sound like an important communication channel, both when using communication functions with other people, and when offering multimedia services or status notifications. The features and sound events of the mobile device must be present and be sufficiently customizable so that no user with hearing impairment experiences any accessibility barrier.

Individuals with partial or total hearing impairment require that the devices meet a series of design requirements on mobile devices in both the hardware and software aspect.

Thanks to a search engine integrated into the homepage of the Amóvil website, the user can select the desired profile (partial vision, null vision, partial hearing, null hearing, the moderate difficulty for handling, severe difficulty in handling or difficulty to understanding) to know the mobile devices recommended for him.

All in one. Accessible home automation hub

The most comfortable and most ideal solution for us is to have a single device that is capable of transforming all household sounds into more accessible alerts, since with one device you solve all the complications (purchase, install, cables, plugs, configure …) that otherwise, you should do for each of the sounds you want to adapt.

That’s why it’s interesting that you know  Visually Home. It is not an adapted device, but a device that helps to convert all the devices or sound sources that you already have at home into adapted sounds. With this equipment, all the sounds (bell, telephone, crying baby, fire alarm …) are recognized, alerting the user by means of colored lights and vibrations, and also, totally customizable. It also shows you on the device of your choice, from a state-of-the-art mobile to the most innovative of smartwatches or on television. Where you choose.

Card accrediting the degree of disability

The card accrediting the degree of disability is intended to provide reliable evidence of the recognition of the degree of disability of its owner and serve as a probative document of that condition. The card will show whether the owner of the card has or has not been granted reduced mobility status. This allows the holder of the same to prove in an agile and practical way, before third parties, their degree of disability and thus facilitate access to certain services that can improve their quality of life.

The card itself specifies its validity, which may be permanent or set a specific date of validity according to the provisionality of the assessment of the degree of disability.

  • Card accrediting the degree of disability (Ministry of Equality and Social Policies)

How to request the card

The application form is available to those interested in the Registries of the Territorial Delegations of the Ministry of Equality and Social Policies or of the Assessment and Guidance Centers for persons with disabilities attached to them. In addition, it can be obtained and completed electronically.

  • Online application for the card accrediting the degree of disability
  • Territorial Delegations of the Ministry of Equality and Social Policies

Social services

The community social service centers offer information, assessment, guidance, and advice on social services, so they are the gateway to request them.

There, home help is coordinated for domestic activities, of a social nature and of a personal nature, and advice is given on complementary economic benefits.

In the following link you will find information about community social services: what they are, the services they provide, financing of them, etc:

  • Community social services
  • Social Services Inspection Plan (pdf)
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