10 Best Handheld Shower Heads: Reviews and Buying Guide

In this article I will carry out an analysis and comparison between several brands and models of bath shower artichokes, indicating their pros and cons so you can choose the option for sale that best suits your needs.

Bath time is a very special time of the day for me. To start the day or to de-stress after a long day of work there is nothing better than taking a warm and relaxing shower.

So I looked for several opinions and comments on blogs and web pages and came to the conclusion that I wanted to buy a shower head to which I could control the water jet from heavy rain in the morning to a message for the days I am very tired.

Top 10 Handheld Shower Heads

Benefits of using water filters in the shower

Surely you will think that it is not necessary to install a shower filter, or that the benefits that this brings to you are not very important, right? Well, nothing is further from reality.

Installing a water filter in the shower brings very good health benefits that you may know and others that will surely surprise you.
  • For example, if you suffer from dandruff, installing a filter in the shower will be very useful. This is because it will eliminate the aggressive chemicals present in the water, causing irritation and low hydration in the scalp.
  • If you have dyed hair, it will also be helpful as it will significantly reduce the levels of chlorine in the water. Part of the cause of loss of hair color, since chlorine is an oxidant.
  • And reducing the level of chlorine will not only benefit your hair but also your skin since it is easily absorbed by the pores and causes irritation and rashes. Not only on the skin but also in the eyes, so when you install your filter you will help keep the skin ph in perfect condition.
  • The shower filter also works as an antiscale agent, preventing the accumulation of water sediment in shower screen and shower head and making them much easier to clean than when they are in the form of that annoying and unsightly whitish coating.
  • It also has micro bacterial action since the small micro-bacteria present in the water are trapped in the filter and do not reach us.

These are just some of the advantages of installing a filter for your shower, so I imagine that after reading them you will be rethinking to install one of them and enjoy all these benefits.

What to keep in mind before buying a shower head

Modern shower heads have several interesting features, but I recommend you take the following factors into account so that you can make an intelligent purchase:

Fixed or handheld

It depends a lot on your taste and what you consider most comfortable.

  • The fixed as its name says, are fixed to the wall so you do not need to hold them. In general, the shower head in this type of artichokes is larger.
  • On the other hand, hand models are smaller but you can move them to your liking, reaching areas that a fixed one would not reach.

Diameter of head

This is an important factor since depending on the size of it will have different effects.

  • If the head is small it is great if you want to have a vigorous shower and energize yourself, since the smaller the water will come out stronger.
  • While if you choose ahead with a larger diameter you will get a feeling of relaxation because the jets of the waterfall more gently massaging in the process.

The flow rate and water saving

They are different but related factors. With regard to the level of water flow or pressure, keep in mind how hard water arrives in your home because if it is too low it is not advisable to buy such a sophisticated artichoke since you will not be able to fully enjoy it.

On the other hand, there are artichokes that allow water savings and even energy efficiency, as they regulate the number of liters of water that must be allowed to pass per minute, thus avoiding wasting water.

Number of holes

In general, the greater the number of holes the artichoke has, the better. Some may have more than 70 holes. More holes translate into a greater distribution of water flow.

There are multifunction artichokes in which turning the lever you can get different combinations of jets covering and uncovering the holes.

Functions (types of the jet)

Most current shower heads allow several types of jets among which are:

  • The intense rain consisting of circles of water with moderate intensity, water, and air, ideal for washing the head.
  • Massage that is nothing more than intermittent jets of water to release tensions
  • The waterfall that is one of the most known and used since it is a constant flow of water and of the same pressure.

Material and finishes

Well, this factor depends a lot on the taste of the buyer and his budget. There are plastic artichokes, chrome or even aged bronze or nickel type but keep in mind that the latter will be more expensive.

So if your budget is reduced choose between chrome or plastic.


It is applied mainly to the hand artichokes since they are the ones that can be moved from their original position and this thanks to a flexo extender.

Try to choose an artichoke with a flexo greater than 1.50 meters to allow you greater mobility.


Choose a model that you can easily disassemble when you need to clean or decalcify. Also, make it a material suitable for all types of cleaning products without corroding.

Ease of Installation

By this, I mean that you choose a model, preferably that you can install yourself and of which you do not need big tools to do it. Only the basic ones present in any house.


This factor is also very comfortable for the buyer since I am referring to the shape of the artichoke and its extras, such as LED lights.

This can be round, square, oval, combined with shower trays, platform, and shower screens. In short, there are many options.


Last but not least, there is the price. It depends on the number of features and functions that the shower head possesses. For example, one that performs chromotherapy will be a little more expensive than one that does not.

On average, shower heads are the cheapest between 9 euros and the most expensive at 38 euros approximately.

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